Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pocket Hoop Update

I've been getting some more work done on the 1770s panier/pocket hoops.  I got the hoop casings done on the third pocket and am working on the fourth.  I pulled out the monogram on the first pocket hoop and restitched it with the red silk thread, using the alphabet on the Eliza and Esther Coggeshall samplers.

I had already finished prepping the interior pockets (piecing one pocket, hemming the pockets, button hole stitching the bottom of the slits,and turning under and basting the edges of the pockets), on Sunday night.  I got one of the interior pockets sewn in place and will finish the other two tonight.

lots of piecing on this pocket

I just realized that I put the monogram on the wrong part of one of Lynn's pocket hoops, so I'll have to pull it back out and redo it on the right part.

This is the inside back of the panier, the monogram is supposed to be on the front.

I did take a break last night to varnish my nails.  I've been looking at a lot of great designs for nails and decided to go for a shading scheme.  Unfortunately, the set I bought that was supposed to simplify things ended up not having an even grading of color.  It was still fun though.  I got three other color schemes, brown, purple and teal/aqua, I hope they grade better.

Pretty nails and happy stitching, what could be better?

Keep calm and stitch on!

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