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I'm a textile fanatic.  If it has to do with fiber, it's for me.  I love my almost fourteen year old son, cats and sheep.  I love historical costuming and most days you'll find me researching or reproducing clothing from any one of many time periods that have caught my fancy.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blizzard Update - Snow News Is Good News

I haven't got photos for the HSF (Historical Sew Fortnightly) challenge 3, yet, but I do have power and heat again.  After spending five days reviving nearly-frozen to death houseplants, shoveling walkways, clearing storm drains, pumping out and bleaching the basement, tossing things that were ruined by the flooding (thankfully, not too much) and warming back up, I finally have a working phone and internet connection.  The power was out for almost three full days.  The indoor temperature dropped to almost thirty degrees F.  After the first day, it was too cold to sew, in fact it was too cold to do anything but huddle up together in bed under many layers of quilts and blankets, taking turns at reading to each other.  For future reference, a queen size bed is not big enough for three adults, one hyperactive child, an ancient un-washed dog and a tempermental cat, it doesn't matter how cold it is.  I have the bruises and scratches to prove it.  Once the power came back on it took almost a full day for the apartment to warm up, then the rain and sleet began.  The water couldn't drain away because of the poor plowing job that the town had done, so a lot of it ended up in the basement (We're at the low point in the road, so it doesn't take a whole lot to cause flooding.).

When I did get back to sewing, I decided to add an internal pocket to the pocket hoops.  This way I won't have the hoops sagging because of everything shifting to the outer edge.  I realized this morning that I'll need more of the linen tape in order to finish.  I didn't realize that the tape was priced by the foot, not the yard, so I had ordered only a third of what I needed.  It's okay though, because I need to make some petticoats too.  

I'm going to pass on the embellishments challenge, in order to get back on track and finish up projects that have fallen behind.  I will still make Shannon's quilted pockets, but since they were going to take longer than a fortnight anyway, I wouldn't have them finished in time.  I'll see where they can be fit into the challenges later.  

On the weather front, our latest prediction for snow proved to be an over-estimate.  Yeah!  Now the weathermen are predicting no snow for the weekend.  It will be quite nice to be able to get some things done without being concerned about the weather.  Maybe I'll be able to get caught up with the sewing and get some cleaning done too.  It would be great to find the power cord for the Brother sewing machine, so that I can get the living room curtains done finally.

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