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I'm a textile fanatic.  If it has to do with fiber, it's for me.  I love my almost fourteen year old son, cats and sheep.  I love historical costuming and most days you'll find me researching or reproducing clothing from any one of many time periods that have caught my fancy.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

They just announced on the news that RIPTA will be shutting down bus service at noon tomorrow.  I'll definitely have to call Liam's dad first thing tomorrow to get him on the bus as early as possible.  They've also expanded the expected area that will be affected by the blizzard, and the duration of the storm.  I'm so glad that we have gas for heat and cooking.  We are on a well though, so I need to fill all the big pots with water for cooking and drinking, and a big plastic bin on the bathtub for flushing the necessary.  The news has also promised us that they will be inundating us with storm coverage throughout the day until the snow stops.  That means we'll also be inundated by damage reports for days afterward.  What fun.  I guess we'll be watching movies until the power goes out.  I'm so happy that I have some sewing to work on, otherwise, I might just lose my mind.

Stay warm.

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