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I'm a textile fanatic.  If it has to do with fiber, it's for me.  I love my almost fourteen year old son, cats and sheep.  I love historical costuming and most days you'll find me researching or reproducing clothing from any one of many time periods that have caught my fancy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I woke up super late yesterday (5:30PM), so I didn't get the pocket hoops cut out till this morning.  I did get both pairs cut out and casing lines marked.  I had an appointment this afternoon, but I didn't waste the travel time.  I started sewing the first line of casing while traveling to and from the appointment.  I kept at it when I got home and the first casing is done on all four panier panels.  Yeah, now I can go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

Good night and sweet dreams of fanciful sewing.

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