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I'm a textile fanatic.  If it has to do with fiber, it's for me.  I love my almost fourteen year old son, cats and sheep.  I love historical costuming and most days you'll find me researching or reproducing clothing from any one of many time periods that have caught my fancy.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Hairy Issue, Part 2

I've decided that I'm going to buy some hair extensions to practice with before using my own hair.  Here's just a small taste of what can be done.
Peterson's Magazine V. 18, January 1850
Hair brooch
Braiding hair
Hair medallion
Hairwork brooch
Self Instructor in the Art of Hair Work   This one is a whole book from 1867, free on archive.org
Catalog of Hair Work, 1886  another period book that is available in PDF form on the internet
Excellent article about the history of hair work, including examples
Another excellent article with photos and illustrations
Lucy's Hair Work - A Civil War reenactor who taught herself hair workhttp://www.victorianhairartists.com/HairworkTechniques.html -




photo above looks like it was made from the pattern, second from the left



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